Kokoro´s Rihanna Bella "Sheila" Born 12.11.2008 Female. Patella free

Sheila dosen´t like to go to dog shows, so we don't take her anymore, and we havent done that in several years, she is not champion -but she has given os very beautiful puppies.

Sheila is a very loving and charming girl, she has a big confidence and a opion of her own. She is very calm and doesn´t scare easy. She loves food and she learns quickly. She likes to solve assignments, which she does with big determination. She doesn't play much, and she doesn't go to strangers -neither people or dogs, but she guards our family, house and garden with her life. She has a very special place in my heart. Sheila has had 3 litters, our Balou is from the first litter, she really loves her babies, and she spend a lot of time taking care of them, but when they are 8 weeks it's okay they are moving, I think then they become to naughty for her.

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